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KDE's New Project for Portable Devices
by Susan Linton - Apr. 11, 2011Comments (3)

Key KDE developers have been blogging about new projects aimed towards portable devices. As Aaron Seigo says, "In a nutshell, Plasma Active is about getting the KDE Platform with Plasma providing a compelling user interface ready for and available on hardware devices outside the usual laptop and desktop form factors." For us mortals, that means an interface for smartphones, tablets, and handhelds.
KDE关键级开发者最近常有在博文上介绍其面向移动设备的新项目。如Aaron Seigo所说的,“简言之,Plasma Active就是要联合KDE与Plasma,提供一个不依赖于常规笔记本和台式机形式环境,立即可用,并且引入注目的用户界面。”对于我们凡人而言,它意味着一个通用于智能手机,平板电脑,以及手持设备的用户界面。

Dubbed "Plasma Active," the new initative encompasses several components to build a "data-centric user interface which is not concerned with applications but rather offers intelligently combined data through a context-sensitive recommendation manager." One might compare it to MeeGO. Marco Martin said the name of the project gives a hint to its future. He said, "An important thing comes already in the name: it's Plasma Active and not Plasma Mobile: why? What we are doing right now is exactly a mobile project: tablets to be precise, but stopping there would be a mistake. Our goal is to be sure that if an application is "certified to be active" can run as well in a tablet, as in an handheld device, as in a set top box, as in a type of device we have completely no idea about, once an user interface module specific for its screen size and input method has been added."
被冠以“Plasma Active”之名的该新兴项目围绕着几大组件,建立起一个“以数据为中心的用户界面;不关心具体应用,却是通过一个上下文敏感推荐管理器提供智能组合的数据。”你可以把它和MeeGo相比。Marco Martin,该项目名称即暗示了其未来。他说,“一件重要的信息已经从名字里被透露:它是Plasma Active而非Plasma Mobile:为什么?我们现在正在做的正式移动项目:确切的说,是平板电脑;但还不止是这些。我们的目标是确定,一旦一个特用于此屏幕大小和输入方法的用户界面模块被加入,一个“被证实是活动的(active)”的应用是否就可以很好地运行在平板电脑、手持设备、机顶盒甚至我们完全没有任何概念的某一款设备上。

Sebastian Kügler introduced the project April 10 describing the goal as "to create a desirable user experience encompassing a spectrum of devices." He further said, "want to create something, people want, and people want to use. It means we are less technology-focused, but are taken a user-centered approach. Second, we are not targeting a single device, or a narrowly-defined class of devices."
Sebastian Kügler于四月10日介绍了这一项目,描述其目标:“围绕一大系列的设备,创建一个称心如意的用户体验。”踏进一步说道,“想要创造某种人们需要,想要使用的事物。它意味着更少的技术专注,而是选取以用户为中心的途径。第二,我们并不局限于一款设备,或是窄窄的一类设备。”

Kügler also said they have some basic functionality in place. Instructions for installing it on openSUSE and MeeGO are located at kde.org. There is also a live image available at open-six.
Kügler也还说,他们手头已经实现了一些基本的功能。在openSUSE 和 MeeGO上安装它的说明位于kde.org。同时,在open-six,有一活动镜像可用。

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脚踢mac 拳打win

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Re: KDE移动设备领域新项目


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