GNOME.Asia 2013 is now Calling for Papers

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GNOME.Asia 2013 is now Calling for Papers


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2013 is calling for papers. GNOME.Asia Summit is Asia’s GNOME user and
developer conference, spreading the knowledge of GNOME across Asia. The
conference will be held in NIPA Business Center, Sangam-dong Seoul, Korea on May 24 -25, 2013.
The conference follows the release of GNOME 3.8, helping to bring new
desktop paradigms that facilitate user interaction in the computing
world. It will be a great place to celebrate and explore the many new
features and enhancements to the groundbreaking GNOME 3 release and to
help make GNOME as successful as possible.
Call for Papers

Let’s Submit a Talk!
Important Information

The deadlines:

Submission: March 8th , 2013
Notification of Acceptance: March 15th, 2013


Conference Date: May 24th - 25th , 2013
Venue: Nuritkum Square - Business tower(3F, 4F), Sangam-dong 1605, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Main Topics

Possible topics include, but not limited to
How to Promote/Contribute to GNOME in Asia
- GNOME Marketing
- Promotion of Free and Open Source Software
- How to run a Local GNOME User Group
- Asia Success Stories/Local GNOME Projects
- GNOME and Education
- GNOME Outreach Program for Women
- Google Summer of Code

Hacking GNOME
- Lastest Development in GNOME
- GNOME 3 & GNOME 3 Usability
- GNOME Human Interface Engineering (Icons and Graphic Design)
- Bugsquadding in GNOME
- GNOME Accessibility
- GNOME 3 Coding How-to

Adapting GNOME to New Types of Devices
- Develop GNOME on mobile device, like smart phone, tablet PC
- Develop GNOME on embedded system or open source hardware
- On-going Projects, Success Stories
- Find FOSS Friendly Hardware Manufacturers

Localization & Internationalization
- Translation
- Input Methods
- Fonts

Other topics
Any topics related to free and open source which are not listed above is still welcome.

Lightning talks
five-minutes presentation to demonstrate your work or promote an
interesting topic. Reservation and on-site application are both

standard session at GNOME.Asia 2013 will be scheduled as 45 mins (35
mins talk + 10 mins Q&A). Please take into consideration any time
you will need for preparation. The session could be a technical talk,
panel discussion, or BOF.

If you’d like to share your knowledge and experience at GNOME.Asia 2013, please fill in the form at before March 8th , 2013.
Please provide a short abstract about your proposal (under 150 words).
Include your name, biographical information, a photo suitable for the
web, a title, and a description of your presentation . The reviewing
team will evaluate the entries based on the submitted abstracts and
available time in the schedule. You will be contacted before March 15th, 2013 on whether your submission has been accepted or not.
The world never lacks miracles.

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