Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 个别无线网卡安装方法

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Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 个别无线网卡安装方法


帖子 Hareton » 2010-07-28 16:29

Hi Guys,

Sorry! I use WinXP English now.

When your Wireless Network Card can not work well and you found out that the driver can not be installed or can not be discovered. Don't worry! Perhaps my experience can help you:

Using LiveCD to try Ubuntu and click "Administrator" --> "Hardware Drivers", your computer now will check out the new driver for your some hardwares (wireless card, Video card, and so on) only from LiveCD, after that, you will see some new driver which you can active (install), please install them right now, because if you miss it, later you have no chance to do that.

After active new driver from "Hardware Drivers", you can install Ubuntu 10.04 now and after install, you can use your wireless network card correctly!! If you can access internet, Ubuntu 10.04 will be so much powerful than you can imaged.

if you can not understand my words, please see under words, they are from Google-Translator:

对不起 !我现在用英语XP。当您的无线网络卡不能很好工作,你发现,驱动程序不能安装。不用担心!也许我的经验可以帮助您:

LiveCD 以尝试 Ubuntu 并单击-->"硬件驱动程序"的"管理器"您的计算机现在将 只能从 LiveCD 签出您一些硬件 (无线网卡和视频卡等) 的新的驱动程序 之后,您将看到一些新的驱动程序,您可以主动 (安装) , 请现在安装这些驱动程序, 因为如果你错过以后, 你jiang没有机会去安装新的驱动程序。您安装新驱动程序从"硬件驱动程序"后, 可以立即安装 Ubuntu 10.04! 安装之后, 您可以正确地使用您的无线网络卡!!如果访问互联网, Ubuntu 10.0 将会非常强大,chao guo您de Xiang xiang。
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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 个别无线网卡安装方法


帖子 eexpress » 2010-07-28 16:36

Xiang xiang??



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