[Phoronix] Wine 1.2 Planned For Release In June:

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[Phoronix] Wine 1.2 Planned For Release In June:


帖子 Hello World! » 2010-05-17 11:17

Wine 1.0 was released in June of 2008 after this free software project had already been in development since 1993. Over the past two years since that release we have continued to receive bi-weekly development snapshots, but no major stable releases have yet arrived. Fortunately, it looks like that soon may change with the release of Wine 1.2 as soon as next month.

Alexandre Julliard first announced his release plans a few days ago on the wine-devel list.

Now that the Wine 64-bit support is nearing completion and the new icons are implemented, Alexandre proposed the next Wine 1.1 development release (Wine 1.1.44) will be the last in the series before hitting the Wine 1.2 RC milestone that will also put its code-base in a code freeze. A final Wine 1.2 release should then be made in June.

The Wine 1.2 blocker bug list can be found on their BugZilla, which currently has 84 bugs to be addressed.

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