Wine 1.3.9 加入 OpenCL 1.0 库

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Wine 1.3.9 加入 OpenCL 1.0 库


帖子 Hello World! » 2010-12-12 12:29

Wine 1.2.2 was released last week as the second point release in the Wine 1.2 stable series, but this week the Wine developers are back to working on Wine 1.4 in the Wine 1.3 development series. Wine 1.3.9 was just-issued and it's back to bringing some more interesting changes to this free software project, including in-browser ActiveX support and an OpenCL 1.0 library wrapper.
Wine 的稳定版 1.2 版的第二个更新:Wine 1.2.2 已在上周发布了;在这一周,Wine 1.3 系列的工作重点转向了 Wine 1.4。刚刚发布的 Wine 1.3.9 包含了许多有趣儿的变化,比如在浏览器中支持 ActiveX 和 OpenCL 1.0 库。

Notable changes in Wine 1.3.9 include beginning to support Microsoft ActiveX within Wine's built-in web-browser, icons for Internet shortcut menu entries, standardization of code implementing COM interfaces, new scheme for auto-generated DLL registrations, and an OpenCL library wrapper. There's also the usual translation updates and bug-fixes. Approximately 57 bugs have been officially fixed in Wine 1.3.9, which is a bit more than usual for these bi-weekly snapshots.
Wine 1.3.9 中最显著的变化是开始在 Wine 内建的浏览器中支持微软的 ActiveX、菜单中加入互联网项、COM 代码实现接口标准化、自动注册 DLL 的计划 和 OpenCL 库。还有一些翻译上的更新和修补bug。大约有 57 处 bug 在 Wine 1.3.9 中被修补,这个数字要略高于平常。

It's nice to see an OpenCL 1.0 library wrapper for Wine so that Windows applications could still take advantage of this open GPGPU API on Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems, but it's perhaps a bit premature. Wine still lacks full Direct3D 10/11 support (nor have they optionally supported the Direct3D 10/11 Gallium3D state tracker) and support for other newer Windows technologies where this GPGPU API standard may be more commonly used in the first place.
真高兴能看到 Wine 下的 OpenCL 1.0 ,这样 Windows 下的使用 GPGPU 接口的应用程序就能在 Linux 、Mac OS X 和其他操作系统上运行了, 但是它好像有点超前。Wine 仍然无法完整地支持 Direct3D 10/11 (同时也没有引入支持 Direct3D 10/11 的 Gallium3D State Tracker),也不支持其他的 Windows 下的新技术,比如 GPGPU 接口可能用得更多。

There's also the matter of OpenCL support under Linux right now only being in the proprietary NVIDIA and AMD/ATI Catalyst drivers, but not the open-source drivers. There is work towards supporting OpenCL in Mesa/Gallium3D, but that's far from being complete for OpenCL 1.0/1.1 support or even being in a functional state. So right now Wine support for OpenCL will be of limited use, besides the fact that it's just a basic OpenCL 1.0 implementation for now.
对 OpenCL 的支持还有些问题,就是它只能用在 NVIDIA 和 AMD/ATI 的私有驱动上,不能用在开源驱动上。虽然社区在努力让 OpenGL 支持 Mesa/Gallium3D,但是离最终完成对 OpenCL 1.0/1.1 的支持还很遥远,甚至 being in a functional state(不会翻译。。。)。所以,现在的 Wine 对 OpenCL 只提供有限的支持,除此以外,现在对 OpenCL 的支持仅仅是个开始。

The Wine 1.3.9 release announcement can be found at
Wine 1.3.9 的发行公告请参阅官方网站:
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Re: Wine 1.3.9 加入 OpenCL 1.0 库


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Re: Wine 1.3.9 加入 OpenCL 1.0 库


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