ubuntu 11.04 不会使用Gnome 3

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ubuntu 11.04 不会使用Gnome 3


帖子 bbeikke » 2011-02-24 17:17

Surely the most popular desktop environment in the history of Ubuntu And he: Gnome. The wide use of ED by users has led developers to always have new ideas and ideas that will be introduced in future releases of Gnome will be called Gnome 3.

After renewed the graphical interface of its website here comes a little happy news for all fans and hopeful: Gnome 3 will not be present in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty instead adopt the version 2.32 GNOME! Do not panic though, you can still install Gnome 3 their Ubuntu 11.04 Thanks to Natty PPA dedicated that will be brought forward by the developers and that will be constantly updated.

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