Flight CD 1

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Flight CD 1


帖子 oneleaf » 2005-11-20 23:34

"I was beginning to think the old man was a few pennies short of a
dime when in the distance, much like thunder, I heard a 'quack'. I
have heard mighty dragons roar in fury and anger in the heat of
battle, but nothing was equal to the earth shaking rumblings of this

-- Jason Frieling, "Of Dragons and Ducks"

This is Dapper Drake. Pre-release versions of Dapper are *not*
encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or for anyone who is not
comfortable running into occasional, even frequent, breakage. They *are*
recommended for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing,
reporting, and fixing bugs.

Flight CD 1 is the first in a series of milestone CD images that will be
released throughout the Dapper development cycle, as images that are
known to be reasonably free of showstopper CD-build or installer bugs,
while representing very current snapshots of Dapper. You can download it
here, for Ubuntu and Kubuntu respectively:

http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/relea ... /flight-1/

See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive for access instructions.

There aren't many visible installer changes beyond Breezy yet, as we've
been concentrating on merging work from Debian unstable, on getting
things up and running at all, and on design work for this development
cycle. To date, there have been 5219 uploads to Dapper, of which most
(4064) have been automatic syncs from Debian unstable. Many of the
remainder have been improvements to the rest of the distribution.

However, this release does feature a few installer improvements which
some people may find useful (many synced from Debian), including:

* FAT filesystems may no longer be mounted in places which will break
the system (#5374, #6441).

* The timezone question has been overhauled, is now asked before base
system installation, and will no longer be asked at all for
countries with only one meaningful modern timezone.

* Improved SMP kernel detection (for netboot or DVD installations).

* Various improvements to installer log file management.

* Writable CD/DVD devices are now properly excluded from the

This is quite an early set of images, so you can expect some bugs. Among
them are the following (so you don't need to bother reporting these if
you encounter them):

* The live CD boot text is wrong; it describes the install CD. Either
just press Enter, or type 'live <your-kernel-options>' if you need
to pass special kernel options such as vga=771.

* Just before the first reboot, you may see a screen asking you to
select the debconf priority, which will then disappear after a few
seconds when the system reboots. Ignore this screen; it only appears
by mistake, and it's harmless.

* The Kubuntu powerpc CDs are a little oversized, and require 700MB
media as opposed to our normal 650MB requirements.

If you're interested in following changes as we further develop Dapper,
have a look at the dapper-changes list:


We also suggest that you subscribe to the ubuntu-devel-announce list if
you're interested in following Ubuntu development. This is a low-traffic
list (a few posts a week) carrying announcements of approved
specifications, policy changes, alpha releases, and other interesting
events. Future Flight CD announcements may only go to this list.

http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinf ... l-announce

Bug reports should go here for now (although we intend to switch over to
Launchpad's bug tracking facilities soon):



Colin Watson

http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu ... 00009.html
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帖子 bytedog » 2005-11-24 21:57

-- Jason Frieling, "Of Dragons and Ducks"

这就是Dapper Drake──Dapper的预发布版。它不是为那些需要稳定系统的人准备的,我们不推荐那些讨厌看到系统不时崩溃的人使用,它面向的是Ubuntu的开发者以及能够帮助测试、报告和修正错误的人。

Flight CD 1是Dapper开发周期中即将发布的一系列里程碑CD中的第一张,由于它们的内容紧跟最新的开发版,因此不免在CD制作或安装过程中可能会出现一些错漏。
http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/relea ... /flight-1/

和Breezy相比,Dapper在安装程序外观上的变化并不显著,主要原因是我们的精力都集中在对这次开发周期的系统设计和Debian unstable版本软件的移植工作上,努力使这些程序能够跑起来并一直跑下去。迄今为止,Dapper共收到5219个上载软件,其中大部分(4064个)已经自动由Debian unstable同步。剩下的大部分也已经为发布版做了改进。


*LiveCD的启动文字是错误的;它实际上是安装CD的,请继续按回车就好了,如果你自己想指定的核心选项,例如vga=771,也可以输入'live <你的核心选项>'。
*Kubuntu powerpc版的大小达到700MB,超过了我们通常要求的650MB。


如果你对Ubuntu开发工作感兴趣的话,我们还建议你订阅ubuntu-devel-announce邮件列表。这个列表的流量不大(一周几封),内容主要是经过批准的功能计划书公告,政策的变动,alpha发布和其它一些事件。以后Flight CD的发行公告可能只发布在这个列表上。
http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinf ... l-announce

错误报告请发往这里(虽然我们很快要换Launchpad's bug tracking facilities错误报告系统)


Colin Watson
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帖子 oneleaf » 2005-11-25 16:44

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