mutt & gnupg (English)

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mutt & gnupg (English)


帖子 millenniumdark » 2007-07-08 17:38

In .muttrc or somewhere else

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# ask to sign all the
# outbound messages.
set pgp_autosign=yes
# when you answer a signed message, the response message will be
# signed too.
set pgp_replysign=yes
# when you answer an encrypted message, the response message
# will be encrypted too.
set pgp_replyencrypt=yes
# Do you want to automatically verify incoming signed messages?
# Of course!
set pgp_verify_sig=yes
# delete pass phrase from the memory cache 0.5h
# after typing it.
set pgp_timeout=1800
# what key do you want to use to sign outgoing messages?
# Note: it is posible to set it to the user id, but
# this can be confuse if you have the same user id with different keys.
set pgp_sign_as="EA3F0A87"
# EA3F0A87 is my key ID, you should change it to your own!

# Signing on the message body without using PGP/MIME with GnuPG

# As many programs can't use PGP/MIME (especially from M$), the <CTRL>P key
# will allow us to sign "as in the old times" (Application/PGP):
macro   compose \CP     "Fgpg --clearsign\ny"

# The next, <CTRL>S will allow us to sign using PGP/MIME with the private key
# that we have defined as default. This macro is not necesary, as we can
# do the same from the "P" menu:
macro   compose \CS     "Fgpg --clearsign\ny^T^Uapplication/pgp; format=text; x-action=sign\n"

# Publicizing Your Public Key
my_hdr X-PGP-Key:
my_hdr X-PGP-Key-ID:EA3F0A87
# again, change this to your own content.


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