Neverball 出 1.50 了

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Neverball 出 1.50 了


帖子 luojie-dune » 2009-02-08 16:48

New in 1.5.0

Added dictionary elements to SOL file in order to allow metadata storage.
Reverted short usage in SOL to int. Was bumping up against the limit.
Added new textures.
Corrected various mapping problems in existing maps.
Tweaked maps.
Removed 5 set limit.
Added internationalization.
Added Catalan, Finnish, French, German, Latvian, Norwegian Nynorsk, and Spanish translations.
Countless interface tweaks across the board.
Added three new Neverball sets.
Reshuffled levels to smooth the difficulty curve.
Fixed config not being saved sometimes.
Fixed a misplaced Set Complete screen.
Split off limited lives and set high-scores to a separate "Challenge" game mode.
Added bonus levels as a reward in Challenge mode.
Added four new Neverputt courses.
Fixed goal sound not being played in replays.
Removed OSX mouse invert work-around.
Reworked player name management.
Added keyboard support for typing text.
Added an option to launch replays from the command line.
Added a dialog with replay info in replay selection screen.
Added Unlock Goal high-scores.
Made replays use the .nbr filename extension.
Added invisible switches.
Fixed layout falling apart due to long replay names.
Added a new help system.
Added a HUD toggle, bound to F6.
Removed coin texture config option, it's now based on locale instead.
Display current camera type when starting a level.
Save screenshots as PNG instead of BMP.
Implemented collectible grow/shrink items.
Added ability to restart a level mid-game (normal mode only), bound to R.
Added SVG icons.
Fixed replays not being overwritten on Windows.
Increased mapc limits.
Fixed a repeated path inaccuracy.
Fixed mute sounds after toggling the audio setting in config screen.
Added multisample option.
Fixed ball texture seem.
Fixed GUI font texture coordinates sometimes being off by half a pixel.
Made ball bounce more realistically with respect to moving objects.
Replaced all TGA files with PNGs.
Made several key bindings only available in development mode.
Removed MSVC support, only MinGW is supported.
Store user config in %APPDATA%\Neverball on Windows.
Bound camera rotation keys to S and D by default.
Added new pause screen.
Changed lights to evenly illuminate entire maps.
Fixed not being able to deactivate a timed switch on at start of level.
Added platform acceleration toggle.
Added Neverputt keyboard navigation.
Added decal material flag in order to enable decals coincident with base geometry.
Added a tweak to place the GUI into "recently moved" mode upon level end. This will force the player to recenter the joystick before the GUI with work. Thus, the default button will not be accidentally deselected if the joystick is not centered when play ends.
Changed mover OBJ mechanism.
Removed ball shadow in poser mode.
Rewrote audio code without SDL_mixer dependency to eliminate annoying crackle on various platforms.
Removed audio_rate config variable.
Rewrote image handling, eliminating SDL_image.
Added mipmap and anisotropic options.
Fixed level data not being freed by conf state. This allowed OpenGL state to leak when the context is bounced on resolution change.
Fixed image_white not saturating red channel on RGB and RGBA images.
Modified material sorter to draw opaque decals AFTER opaque textures, and transparent decals BEFORE transparent textures.
Removed TGA search from mapc.
Added lump smoothing to mapc.
Added glassy effect to glass materials.
Some OpenGL optimization and state-change reduction.
Added foreground billboards.
Fixed the zero-velocity test in the edge/vert collision detection. Was producing different results with different compilers.
Added constant DT.
Modified FPS calculation to be more correct.
Added stats collection and output.
Added application controlled vblank sync.
Enhanced specular illumination.
Added tilt sensor abstraction.
Added Wiimote tilt sensor mode for Linux.
Fixed empty buttons possibly being layed out so small that the rounding rectangle overlaps itself.
Added joystick digital pad button config symbols.
Fixed failure to load ball texture breaks shadow texture.
Added new ball rendering mechanism.
Added several new balls using the new mechanism.
Ignored mouse motion events generated on mouse grab, sometimes causing sudden tilting to bottom right at level start.
Texture cleanup.
Added uniform sync option.
Fixed Neverputt using hard-coded limits for score counts.
Added curve tool to distribution.
Implemented new shot name generation using a persistent index.
Now saving screenshots in user data directory.
Added support for decimal fractions in mapc.
Rebuilt curves in maps to take advantage of decimal fractions.
Allowed spaces in config values.
Greatly optimized several mapc operations.
Fixed texture rotation in mapc.
Used OpenGL memory layout conventions for storing image data, allowing proper texture coordinates to be used in OBJs and elsewhere.
Moved goal detection factor from code to Neverputt maps.
Set the EWMH _NET_WM_ICON window hint on X11 systems (WM icons with 8-bit alpha transparency).
Delayed buffer swap in level_snap until after image_snap, following OpenGL standard and fixing off-by-one type error in set shots on some ATI hardware.
Eliminated performance penalty on mirror-less maps with reflections enabled.
Made default replay name user-configurable.
Fixed mapc to avoid overflows when operating on SSE hardware.
Fixed logic of BSP back/front tests.
Requested SSE floating-point math from GCC for x86 systems
Redesigned teleporter visuals.
Implemented a server/client-like game/replay architecture.
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Re: Neverball 出 1.50 了


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Re: Neverball 出 1.50 了


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Re: Neverball 出 1.50 了


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