Marble 的改进

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Marble 的改进


帖子 nihui » 2007-09-08 10:33


在上星期,我在 Mönchen- gladbach 工作来为我的生计赚些钱 ;)
During the last week I worked in Mönchen- gladbach to earn some money for my daily life ;)

我一位同事,你们大多都知道他叫 tackat aka 'The Marble fame',要我每天晚上帮助他改进 Marble,所以昨天和前天,我在办公室里面逗留到晚上 23:00 帮助他塑造出一个 KDE 4 的 Marble 的样子。
One of my co-workers, most of you known him as tackat aka 'The Marble fame', bugged me every evening to help him improving Marble, so yesterday and the day before I stayed at the office till 23:00 o'clock and helped him to get Marble into a good shape for KDE 4.

第一个改变就是将它以 KPart 实现,所以现在你就能在任何其他的程序中嵌入它了。第二个改变是重写了地图和 wikipedia 的网页存储后端。现在可以为网页使用 cache 缓存了,这样子你就能在离线的时候阅读城市描述了。
The first change was refactoring it into a KPart, so now you can embed it into any other application you like. The second change was a rewrite of the storage backend for map tiles and webpages from wikipedia. Now a cache is used for the webpages, so you can read the city descriptions in an offline version.

第三个改进是 TinyWebBrowser 的代码清理,这个迷你浏览器用做浏览从 wikipedia 而来的城市信息网页。3 天前,它还只能显示一个 HTML 站点的丑陋版本样式。现在它可以显示图片,处理样式表和 UTF-8 编码的文档了。
The third improvement was a cleanup of the TinyWebBrowser, which is used to browse the city information webpages from wikipedia. 3 days ago it just showed an ugly version of the HTML site. Now it displays images, handles stylesheets and takes care of UTF-8 encoded documents.

正如你所看到的那样子,它更加漂亮出色 ;)
As you can see in the screenshot it looks much better now ;)

@pinotree I hope this compensates my absence from Okular hacking :) ... 8810113747

附有 Magic Linux 2.1 最新开发日志~

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