About the xfce ,firefox ,scim;

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About the xfce ,firefox ,scim;


帖子 Tswifttoa » 2006-03-06 22:13

why? i am wondering. why i can't use scim to input chinese in firefox.

i installed ubuntu 5.10 and xfce . scim. okay!everything goes well. i can switch scim when i use opera or other apps. but when i use firefox , i can't switch the scim out. the scim seems not to work fine.and other apps ,just like lumaqq,gaim ,gnome terminal. i can use the scim too. becos there is a menu to choose the x method input by clicked the right mouse.then i can "control+space"to active the scim from daemon .but when i try the firefox to surf the internet. the scim doesn't work in spite of all my jobs . it confused me . anyone has the same trouble as me? plz help the poor man.

so who can help me. becos i like using firefox .thans in advance.

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