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kvm-71 [14 jul 2008]

* fix virtio isr clearing (Laurent Vivier)
* kvmtrace ppc userspace support (Jerone Young)

avoid fragmenting virtio-blk transfers (Anthony Liguori, Mark McLoughlin)
* ia64 build fixes (Anthony Xu)
* remove unnecessary virtio-net printout (Marcelo Tosatti)
* remove configure warning about gcc 3 (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon)
* rhel 5.2/centos 5.2 host support
* merge qemu-svn
o adds pulseaudio driver
o nbd client/server
* disable cpu emulation by default on ia64 (Xiantao Zhang)
* place test support files in a library (Jerone Young)
* fix qemu monitor screendump
* fix lost interrupt when changing a device irq
o fixes devices going away when disabled and enabled several times
* fix oops on shutdown freeing coalesced mmio page (Akio Takebe)
* optimize segment register access in emulator
* allow run-time enabling of mmu debug
* fix host msr corruption when host preempt is enabled
* fix kvmclock (Gerd Hoffmann)
* rename badly named msrs (Sheng Yang)
* fix incorrect usage of vmcs_config when using ept (Sheng Yang)
* emulate performance counter msrs on Intel (Chris Lalancette)
o allows Linux 2.6.9 guests to boot
* optimize vapic locking when disabled (Marcelo Tosatti)
* don't allocate dirty bitmap for s390 (Catsten Otte)
* fix memory leak on guest exit (Carsten Otte)
* update s390 guest base and limit (Christian Borntraeger)
* optimize access to guest registers (Marcelo Tosatti)
* add memory clobber to hypercalls (Anthony Liguori)
o fixes booting guests compiled with gcc 4.3

fix ioapic hang on heavy load (Mark McLoughlin)
* move kvmtrace definitions to common header (Hollis Blanchard)
* fix suspend/resume on AMD (Joerg Roedel)
* make some functions static (Adrian Bunk)
* fix shrinker locking (Marcelo Tosatti)
* fix ept tlb flush (Sheng Yang)
* fix signal handling on uninitialized vcpus
* fix hlt instruction in real mode (Mohammed Gamal)
* check pic irq range (Ben-Ami Yassour)
* add function to inject irqs into guests (Amit Shah)
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile ... _id=180599
XP on Thinkpad T43
ubuntu on Thinkpad X61 with XP on KVM
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XP on Thinkpad T43
ubuntu on Thinkpad X61 with XP on KVM

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