KVM-78 is released!

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KVM-78 is released!


帖子 chengzh » 2008-11-07 10:25

ChangesLog: http://kvm.qumranet.com/kvmwiki/ChangeLog
kvm-78 [2 nov 2008]
fix paravirt kernels due to missing oos flush (Marcelo Tosatti)
code cleanups (Sheng Yang)
fix guest shared interrupts for device assignment (Sheng Yang)
avoid stale asm-offsets.h on ia64 (Xiantao Zhang)
fix ia64 halt emulation (Xiantao Zhang)
extend slot bitmap on i386 (Sheng Yang)
move private memory slots to avoid conflict with device assignment (Sheng Yang)
future-proof device assignment ABI
add emulation and unit tests for add acc, imm instruction (Guillaume Thouvenin)
fix nmi watchdog emulation (Jan Kiszka)
optimize nmi watchdog delivery (Jan Kiszka)
require irq ack notifier to be used with in-kernel irqchip (Sheng Yang)
don't halt non-boot cpu if using in-kernel irqchip (Gleb Natapov)
add cscope definitions (Sheng Yang)
merge qemu-svn
new live migration implementation
usb improvements
migration fixes
read UUID from qemu (Gleb Natapov)
increase max cpu count to 255 for ia64 (Xiantao Zhang)
handle INIT before SIPI (Gleb Natapov)
update ppc for nmi changes (Christian Ehrhardt)
fix external module generation unifdef problem (Sheng Yang)
set 'g' bit of segment descriptor on AMD when necessary (Amit Shah)
set 'busy' bit of task descriptor on AMD when necessary (Amit Shah)
fixes some AMD->Intel live migration failures
use emulator to adjust rip of pio string instructions (Guillaume Thouvenin)
increase rmap preallocation (Marcelo Tosatti)
fixes oops on mmu intensive smp workloads
handle mmio in big real mode (Guillaume Thouvenin)
reorganize ia64 guest data area (Xiantao Zhang)
fix ia64 guest signal mask (Xiantao Zhang)
reduce locking when vcpu is halted (Xiantao Zhang)
update e820 table for ept real mode identity map page (Sheng Yang)
fix external module build with kvmtrace
fix ppc xer access (Christian Ehrhardt)
fix ppc threading (Hollis Blanchard)
implement libcflat for ppc 44x (Hollis Blanchard)
set smp limit for ppc (Hollis Blanchard)
fix ppc memory setup (Christian Ehrhardt)

Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile ... _id=180599
XP on Thinkpad T43
ubuntu on Thinkpad X61 with XP on KVM
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Re: KVM-78 is released!


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