vbox 2.1.2出来了

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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 changer-chacha » 2009-01-22 23:07

780G + HD4350 + 4G
100元包月的100M FTTH 何时到我家
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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 佚之狐L » 2009-01-22 23:19

changer-chacha 写了:有啥新内容?

代码: 全选

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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 bjsm » 2009-01-22 23:20

AMD 速龙 x4 630
金士顿 骇客神条 DDR3 1666 2G (这个内存我最肉疼,390元。)
ssh -qTfnN -D 7070
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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 hethe » 2009-01-22 23:29

bjsm 写了:支持不支持Kernel26-2.28?我安装都不支持。
Gedanken ohne Inhalt sind leer .Anschauungen ohne Begriffe sind blind.
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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 qiang_liu8183 » 2009-01-23 0:28

hethe 写了:
bjsm 写了:支持不支持Kernel26-2.28?我安装都不支持。
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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 stephenven » 2009-01-23 1:41

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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 minechina » 2009-01-23 1:48

Version 2.1.2 (2009-01-21)
This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
USB: improved support for recent Linux hosts
VMM: fixed guru meditation for PAE guests on non-PAE hosts (AMD-V)
VMM: fixed guru meditation on Mac OS X hosts when using VT-x
VMM: allow running up to 1023 VMs on 64-bit hosts (used to be 127)
VMM: several FreeBSD guest related fixes (bugs #2342, #2341, #2761)
VMM: fixed guru meditation when installing Suse Enterprise Server 10U2 (VT-x only; bug #3039)
VMM: fixed guru meditation when booting Novell Netware 4.11 (VT-x only; bug #2898)
VMM: fixed VERR_ADDRESS_TOO_BIG error on some Mac OS X systems when starting a VM
VMM: clear MSR_K6_EFER_SVME after probing for AMD-V (bug #3058)
VMM: fixed guru meditation during Windows 7 boot with more than 2 GB guest RAM (VT-x, nested paging only)
VMM: fixed hang during OS/2 MCP2 boot (AMD-V and VT-x only)
VMM: fixed loop during OpenBSD 4.0 boot (VT-x only)
VMM: fixed random crashes related to FPU/XMM with 64 bits guests on 32 bits hosts
VMM: fixed occasional XMM state corruption with 64 bits guests
GUI: raised the RAM limit for new VMs to 75% of the host memory
GUI: added Windows 7 as operating system type
VBoxSDL: fixed -fixed fixedmode parameter (bug #3067)
Clipboard: stability fixes (Linux and Solaris hosts only, bug #2675 and #3003)
3D support: fixed VM crashes for certain guest applications (bugs #2781, #2797, #2972, #3089)
LsiLogic: improved support for Windows guests (still experimental)
VGA: fixed a 2.1.0 regression where guest screen resize events were not properly handled (bug #2783)
VGA: significant performance improvements when using VT-x/AMD-V on Mac OS X hosts
VGA: better handling for VRAM offset changes (fixes GRUB2 and Dos DOOM display issues)
VGA: custom VESA modes with invalid widths are now rounded up to correct ones (bug #2895)
IDE: fixed ATAPI passthrough support (Linux hosts only; bug #2795)
Networking: fixed kernel panics due to NULL pointer dereference in Linux kernels < 2.6.20 (Linux hosts only; bug #2827)
Networking: fixed intermittend BSODs when using the new host interface (Windows hosts only; bugs #2832, #2937, #2929)
Networking: fixed several issues with displaying hostif NICs in the GUI (Windows hosts only; bugs 2814, #2842)
Networking: fixed the issue with displaying hostif NICs without assigned IP addresses (Linux hosts only; bug #2780)
Networking: fixed the issue with sent packets coming back to internal network when using hostif (Linux hosts only; bug #3056).
NAT: fixed port forwarding (Windows hosts only; bug #2808)
NAT: fixed booting from the builtin TFTP server (bug #1959)
NAT: fixed occasional crashes (bug #2709)
SATA: vendor product data (VPD) is now configurable
SATA: raw disk partitions were not recognized (2.1.0 regression, Windows host only, bug #2778)
SATA: fixed timeouts in the guest when using raw VMDK files (Linux host only, bug #2796)
SATA: huge speed up during certain I/O operations like formatting a drive
SATA/IDE: fixed possible crash/errors during VM shutdown
VRDP: fixed loading of libpam.so.1 from the host (Solaris hosts only)
VRDP: fixed RDP client disconnects
VRDP: fixed VRDP server misbehavior after a broken client connection
VBoxManage showvminfo: fixed assertion for running VMs (bug #2773)
VBoxManage convertfromraw: added parameter checking and made it default to creating VDI files; fixed and documented format parameter (bug #2776)
VBoxManage clonehd: fixed garbled output image when creating VDI files (bug #2813)
VBoxManage guestproperty: fixed property enumeration (incorrect parameters/exception)
VHD: fixed error when attaching certain container files (bug #2768)
Solaris hosts: added support for serial ports (bug #1849)
Solaris hosts: fix for Japanese keyboards (bug #2847)
Solaris hosts: 32-bit and 64-bit versions now available as a single, unified package
Linux hosts: don't depend on libcap1 anymore (bug #2859)
Linux hosts: compile fixes for 2.6.29-rc1
Linux hosts: don't drop any capability if the VM was started by root (2.1.0 regression)
Mac OS X hosts: save the state of running or paused VMs when the host machine's battery reaches critical level
Mac OS X hosts: improved window resizing of the VM window
Mac OS X hosts: added GUI option to disable the dock icon realtime preview in the GUI to decrease the host CPU load when the guest is doing 3D
Mac OS X hosts: polished realtime preview dock icon
Windows Additions: fixed guest property and logging OS type detection for Windows 2008 and Windows 7 Beta
Windows Additions: added support for Windows 7 Beta (bugs #2995, #3015)
Windows Additions: fixed Windows 2000 guest freeze when accessing files on shared folders (bug #2764)
Windows Additions: fixed CTRL-ALT-DEL handling when using VBoxGINA
Windows Additions Installer: Added /extract switch to only extract (not install) the files to a directory (can be specified with /D=path)
Linux installer and Additions: added support for the Linux From Scratch distribution (bug #1587) and recent Gentoo versions (bug #2938)
Additions: added experimental support for X.Org Server 1.6 RC on Linux guests.
Linux Additions: fixed bug which prevented to properly set fmode on mapped shared folders (bug #1776)
Linux Additions: fixed appending of files on shared folders (bug #1612)
Linux Additions: ignore noauto option when mounting a shared folder (bug #2498)
Linux Additions: fixed a driver issue preventing X11 from compiling keymaps (bug #2793 and #2905)
X11 Additions: workaround in the mouse driver for a server crash when the driver is loaded manually (bug #2397)
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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 mymathersname » 2009-01-23 8:48

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Re: vbox 2.1.2出来了


帖子 lilarcor » 2009-01-23 8:58


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