VirtualBox USB fix for Ubuntu 10.04(转载)

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VirtualBox USB fix for Ubuntu 10.04(转载)


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Howto use your USB device in a Windows XP guest on a Ubuntu 10.04 VirtualBox host:

Part 1 - Generic USB devices
Add your Ubuntu account to group "vboxusers" and "usb": Go to System>Administration>Users and Groups - then "Manage Groups", then: 0.1 double-click "vboxusers" then check/enable your account in there, OK. 0.2 Click Add > enter group name: usb, group id: 85, add your account in there too, OK. 0.3 Restart your computer.
Real thanks to ... 6&start=30 for the details filtered from the great UsersManual for this case's fix - essence of this post - the rest is just generic...

Download and install vbox from (the OSE version in ubuntu software center dones't have USB settings...)

Add your new guest OS normally.

(While guest is off) Go to settings > USB > Check/enable the USB support, then plug-in your USB device you want to use in the guest OS, click the small button on the right: "add Filter from Device" - select your desired device, make sure it's checked/enabled. OK.

Start your guest, plug-in your USB device then the gust OS should start to recognize it normally - in some cases you should right-click the "usb" icon at the lower-right of the virtualbox window and select/check your device to enable/disable it from guest OS.

注意:usb的group id要设成85
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Re: VirtualBox USB fix for Ubuntu 10.04(转载)


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