help me please

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help me please


帖子 ydlcom » 2008-03-27 0:04

Hi all.

I broke my system when I try to update ubuntu. Now I want to backup my data using Ubuntu LiveCD.

There are some LVM partitions on my system. I made a software RAID0 and LVM partitions on it.

There are 2 LVs - 'Lv_root' and 'Lv_swap' in the VG named 'VG0'. The RAID0 array include 2 devices 'sda' and 'sdb'.But I don't know how to manually mount the LVM partitions because I didn't find 'VG0' in path '/dev'.

I tried command 'vgchange -a y' and got a message '2 LVs in VG0 now active', but I still cannot find where are the LVs so I can not mount then and backup my data in the system.

I tried to use google and found lots of LVM HOWTO, but all of then tell me how to creat a new LVM and no one say how to mount a LVM partition that already exists. I am afraid I wound clear all the data in LVM partitions if I follow the LVM HOWTO.

I hope you can tell me how to do. Thx.
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帖子 bird » 2008-03-27 9:50


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