dapper 正在讨论延期发布的事情

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dapper 正在讨论延期发布的事情


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Tectonic: Shuttleworth Wants Six Week Delay for Dapper
Mar 12, 2006, 13 :00 UTC (7 Talkback) (3195 reads)
(Other stories by Jason Norwood-Young)

"Mark Shuttleworth has called for a six-week delay on Ubuntu Dapper Drake, hoping to harden the operating system that he sees as Ubuntu's first enterprise-ready desktop. He's called a community 'town hall' meeting to discuss the pro's and con's of a delay for Tuesday 14 March.

"'I'm writing to propose a six week delay in the release date of Dapper, in order to do additional validation, certification, localisation, and polish,' Shuttleworth said in a missive to the Ubuntu community last night..."

Tectonic: Dapper Delay Looks Likely After Online Meeting
Mar 16, 2006, 13 :45 UTC (1 Talkback) (1884 reads)
(Other stories by Jason Norwood-Young)

"Developers, users and interested parties met online last night to discuss Ubuntu Dapper Drake's possible six-week delay, proposed by Mark Shuttleworth last week. The large group had mixed feelings, but on the whole seemed to be in agreement with Shuttleworth--rather delay for a 'polished' product.

"To date, Ubuntu has stuck to a rigid six-month cycle in line with the release of Gnome, which has proved to be a big attraction for home users who get a major technology upgrade twice a year, but in a pretty stable distribution..."
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