Only all together we can save her life!

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Only all together we can save her life!


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I post this message. If you have opportunity place this message where can, send to friends. All together we can save the girl.

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Friends! Excuse for my English.

If to you the destiny of the girl read up the message up to the end is not indifferent. Only all together we can rescue her life! More info here -

Juli Matveeva - struggle for LIFE, it also is the PRESENT LIFE!

Life and this illness are not compatible. WINS the STRONGEST, and Juli it knows not by hearsay. She has tested it on herself. In the 17 years for 2 years of constant stay in hospitals Juli has justify many friends to the same age or is more younger (they have justify, as were cannot resist to this terrible illness). But Juli stood very much, the weight of her has fallen up to 35 kg at growth 162sm, she has sustained the hardest operation of continued 11 hours and set of other operations, 12 chemicaltheoropy, an irradiation. IT was STRUGGLE TO THE DEATH! Nobody trusted, that in Juli it is possible to win a situation. But crisis has come. This fight Juli has won. herbelief in a victory, in the God, skill of doctors and your feasible help, your prays have made the business.

Juli has returned from Peter home to Odessa and for her there has come happy time. She was pleased to everything that only can be pleased, everything, that we simply do not notice and we do not appreciate in the ordinary life. For four months she has completely restored the weight (almost 55 kg now weigh) and forces, branches hair, eyelashes and eyebrowes. Analyses of blood have reached the maximal best parameters (skilled doctors were surprised -

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