brain surgery ... change habits see??

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brain surgery ... change habits see??


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WARNING: Industry is Blogging These NewsGroups to Protect Their

To : All participants and readers of,,, talk.politics.medicine

Please be aware that many comments and responses posted to this forum
are not those buy vicodin online of casual posters interested in an honest exchange. A
number of individuals with ties to industry are attempting to shape
public sentiment about the risks of mainstream medicine while attacking
the benefits and validity of natural medicine. I refer to these
individuals broadly as xanax "Pharma Bloggers" (see footnote). For obvious
reasons, pharma bloggers on usenet don't promote a specific company or
product, as might be the case with standard "blogging" on a weblog, but
there is a common thread between buy phentermine industry blogging in a web blog and
industry participation in a newsgroup: both are done under the pretense
that the poster is not professionally affiliated. Most of these people
are likely to be associated with a PR project whose "blogging" efforts
are underwritten anonymously by the media or marketing groups of
industry. They are not difficult to identify due to specific patterns
in their posting. Please familiarize yourself with these tactics so
you can identify them.
What to look for while participating in usenet newsgroups:
1. Pharma Bloggers on usenet use intimidation, mockery, and insults to
silence those who express belief or interest in natural medicine. They
actively discourage a scientific discussion and disrupt ongoing
discussions that explore alternative treatments in healthcare.
2. Pharma Bloggers on usenet attack those who question the
effectiveness of mainstream medicine, asserting that disease-management
"healthcare" is the only viable form of treatment. Their comments are
frequently embedded in pseudo-scientific jargon, but without supporting
scientific documentation.
3. Pharma Bloggers on usenet post the majority of their responses
simply to bury the comments of others; they also strive obsessively to
have the last word.
4. Pharma Bloggers on usenet are much faster at posting than casual
participants; they almost always respond first to a new thread,
question, or observation.
5. Pharma Bloggers on usenet use multiple "bloggers" in a swap-&-relay
fashion to create an aura of the "consensus view" in an effort to
isolate phentermine online posters who express interest in natural medicine approaches.
You will see this tactic used more often than any other.
6. Pharma Bloggers on usenet refute numerous quality studies published
in major medical journals showing the benefits of natural medicine
applied in naturopathic healthcare, hydrocodone vicodin including nutrient supplementation,
exercise, stress reduction, biofeedback, accupuncture, accupressure,
reflexology, and other approaches. You can find the science supporting
a variety of natural medicine methods at
7. Pharma Bloggers on usenet frequently refer readers to
"quack-busting" websites designed to attack natural medicine approaches
and their proponents. Under the guise of "consumer protection," the
extreme bias of these promoters belies their true motives and reveals
their ties to industry.
8. Pharma Bloggers on usenet rely on junk science references to support
their attacks on natural healing methods. They decline to provide
meaningful scientific references in support of their defense of most
conventional treatments. Since most pharmacy online conventional medicines are either
marginally effective, unproven, or dangerous, it is not suprising that
purely anecdotal or observational studies (usually sponsored by the
drug makers) are the only "science" available to them.
9. Pharma Bloggers on usenet assert that conventional medicine is
"evidence based," however the lack of corroborating science disproves
that claim. Chemotherapy drugs, for instance, are unproven in the
majority of cancers, yet FDA permits these drugs to remain in use as
"experimental trial" medications, as has been the case for more
than thirty years. For most cancer patients, there is no proven
benefit in the use of these expensive and toxic chemicals.
10. Pharma Bloggers on usenet ignore iatrogenic studies that show the
dangerous side effects of prescription drugs (ie., at least 100,000
deaths annually), as well as a 20% recall for all previously approved
drugs. They also ignore hundreds of studies showing a disease
relationship to use of such pharmacy online and other unsafe medical treatments.
Tip: If you find yourself engaging a poster whose defense of mainstream
medicine is unusually dramatic in tone, or inexplicably vicious toward
others, and if that response is an attempt to attack natural medicine,
you can be sure you have stumbled upon a "Pharma Blogger."
Unfortunately, there are more of these individuals posting to usenet on
a daily basis than almost anyone else, which is why I am posting this
alert.vicodinIf you find it odd that so few people on health-related usenet
newsgroups are expressing an interest in natural medicine, it isn't
because they aren't there, it's because they have been intimidated into
silence. The Pharma tooth whitening Bloggers have over-run the various newsgroups with
their industrial brand of dogma, mockery, and ridicule. Many casual
posters are simplyonline vicodin frightened away. That's a primary goal of these
industry-sponsored media grunts, and they are very good at it.

* Comment on objections about use of the word "blogging" in this
newsgroufunction as an internet forum. Internet forums typically allow any user
to post (into the discussion). Blogs buy vicodin typically limit posting to the
blogger or to the blogger and approved others. The distinction between
blogs and forums is sometimes gray.phentermine pharmacy Sites such as Slashdot, Indymedia
and Daily Kos combine elements of the two...many bloggers differentiate
themselves from the mainstream media, while others are members of that
media working through a different channel. SOME INSTITUTIONS SEE
DIRECTLY TO THE PUBLIC [emphasis mine.] Some critics worry that
bloggersvicodin respect neither intellectual property nor the role of the mass
media in presenting society with credible news."

Also from Wikipedia:

"A blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and
displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened
form of phentermine weblog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or
adding an article to an existing blog isphentermine online called "blogging". Individual
articles on a blog are called "blog posts," "posts" or "entries". A
person who posts these vicodin online pharmacy entries is called a "blogger". A blog comprises
hypertext, images,cheap phentermine and links (to other web pages and to video, audio
and other files). Blogs use a conversational style of documentation.
Often blogs focus on a particular "area of interest", such as
Washington, D.C.'s political goings-on. Some blogs discuss personal

While the advent of tramadol blogging was preceded by newsgroups, there are more
similiarities in the nature of interaction between posters in these
venues (mainly distinguished by their software platforms) than there
are differences. phentermine Also note that I didn't refer to the newsgroup itself
as a weblog, I referred to individual posters as "blogging" here on
behalf of industryphentermine. While my focus is on behaviour and science, the
pharma bloggers rely on semantic arguments, non sequiturs, and personal
attacks in their effort to distract from the real issues.

Pharma Blogger: An individual who uses the Internet, and Usenet
newsgroups, to phentermine: 1) promote and defend maintstream medicine and disease
management; 2) attack those who express a preference for natural
medicine; andphentermine online 3) cite a variety of junk medical science funded by
industry for the purpose of establishing markets for marginally
effective, and often dangerous, medical products and devices.

any thoughts from anyone?


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