kernel not support my motherboard's chip set

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kernel not support my motherboard's chip set


帖子 LaoLiulaoliu » 2006-12-09 15:20

I have installed ubuntu6.10_amd64_x86-server with gnome and x-window.But the kernel can not find my motherboard's chip set.
The chip set is NVIDIA GeForce 6100 GPU and NVIDIA nForce 405 MCP .
I have bought an Ethernet card,now it can connect to the internet.The system can drive my monitor,and I don't have to drive my video card.The most important thing is drive my audio card.There is no sound in my OS two month,and I don't want to use window xp,so I am so painful about it.
How can I drive my audio card?I have no idea.
Thank you for helping me!

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