A ridiculours and strange thing

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A ridiculours and strange thing


帖子 suncold » 2007-01-22 0:47

(Sorry I cannot input Chinese this moment, but I will try to make my expression as grammatically correct and precise as possible.)

5 days ago, I installed 6.06 dapper to my disk, on which existed a Windows XP Pro. I've used GNU/Debian for along time at school, and I just made the /boot a seperated partition as I used to do.
But this morning the f**king Windows went down and I couldn't save it with all possible attemps. I reinstalled the Windows, and then tried to find back my grub and Ubuntu.
I used a CD-ROM to boot my computer into DOS and run the 'grub for DOS', which was the method I had used to save my Debian times and times again in the past.
I was quite sure that the /boot is /dev/hda10, but this command:
grub>find /vmlinuz
returned: Error 15 file not found
I was confused, but
grub>find /boot/vmlinuz
returned the same--of coz I knew the former command was the right one.
Then I tried
grub>root (hd0,9)
and then
grub>find /sbin/init
grub>kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda11
of coz, it returned the wrong prompt.

OK, maybe I should use the Live CD!
so I used the live CD, but still a vein! What was the worse:
grub>root (hd0.9)
returned: device not exist.

Now I don't know what's the matter!
and I've just reinstalled my Ubuntu...
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帖子 xiechy » 2007-01-22 9:27

grub>root (hd0.9)
~~~ comma!! you should always try tab to automatically complete the word!

maybe that is not the answer, but I hope it will help to check what's going wrong.

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