pacman -Syyuu和pacman -Syyu什么区别?man pacman没看到有two u的用法

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Re: pacman -Syyuu和pacman -Syyu什么区别?man pacman没看到有two u的用法


帖子 lilydjwg » 2017-01-24 15:59

-u, --sysupgrade
Upgrades all packages that are out-of-date. Each currently-installed package will be examined and upgraded if a newer package exists. A
report of all packages to upgrade will be presented, and the operation will not proceed without user confirmation. Dependencies are
automatically resolved at this level and will be installed/upgraded if necessary.

Pass this option twice to enable package downgrades; in this case, pacman will select sync packages whose versions do not match with the
local versions. This can be useful when the user switches from a testing repository to a stable one.

Additional targets can also be specified manually, so that -Su foo will do a system upgrade and install/upgrade the "foo" package in the
same operation.
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